The San Antonio Lumber Company was founded in 1923 in San Antonio Florida.

Founded by Herman Schrader and J.P. Lynch, San Antonio Lumber is one of the few businesses started in the mid-20’s that is still in existence today in San Antonio. In 1929 Herman Schrader bought out J.P. Lynch and ran the business himself until 1937 when he turned it over to his son Arthur Schrader.

In 1957, after 20 years at the helm, Arthur Schrader passed the San Antonio Lumber Company to his son Arthur Schrader Jr. where he made his mark by expanding the store and growing the business from where his grandfather had once begun. Arthur Schrader Jr. headed regional agriculture pilot programs and forged an alliance with the Purina Chow Company. After his death in 1994, his son Thomas A. Schrader succeeded him as the current owner and President.

aboutusWith over 40 years of experience at San Antonio Lumber Company, Thomas Schrader has been dedicated to the employees, community, and towards the businesses transformation, picking up where his father left off. Tom has also adopted his family’s conservative way of operating the business, while looking to the future for new opportunities and advancements to place the business more competitively in the market. Over the years he has adapted and changed to keep the business successful and growing.

In the summer of 2012, the fifth generation of Schrader’s joined the team at San Antonio Lumber Company. After graduating from Stetson University, in Florida, and spending several years in the pharmaceutical sales industry, Tom’s daughter, Sarah Schrader, moved to San Antonio to become part of the family business.

Today, the San Antonio Lumber Company is looking to the future, through innovation and change, while keeping their fundamental values that have served them so well over the last 90 years. With a staff of customer service minded employees with endless amounts of industry experience and a fleet of delivery trucks, San Antonio Lumber provides lumber, roofing, siding, decking, window, custom doors, paint, hardware, and molding and much more to contractors and homeowners with in Central Florida.

12744 Curley Street San Antonio, FL 33576